Killbox has been an amazing experience for us. Making and sharing the game has given us opportunities to meet with fantastic people and visit inspiring places. The entire team would like to express their gratitude to the organisations and individuals below for their support.


Funding: New Radio and Performing Arts, NYC, USA

Creative Scotland, Edinburgh, SCO

The Phoenix Theatre, Leicester, ENG

The Cutting Room, Nottingham, ENG

NEoN Digital Arts, Dundee, SCO


The people behind these amazing events and organisations:

NEoN (North East of North) Festival, Dundee, SCO

AMAZE Festival, Berlin, GER

GDC Innovative Games Showcase, Cologne, GER

Games Are For Everyone, Edinburgh, SCO

Goethe Institut, Berlin, GER

Dundee Design Festival, Dundee, SCO

Indiecade, Los Angeles, USA

PLAN B, Kharkiv, UKR


Additional thanks:

Tim Vincent-Smith for the violin work behind the drone